On flags, and patriotism

An old friend recently sent me a link to a poll on whether or not the US flag should be banned in schools in order to not offend hispanic students. Regarding the perpetually offended crowd, I have nothing but contempt for them. But it did give me cause to reflect on flags and patriotism and what they mean to me these days. Here is my answer to her.

By these comments I am about to make, I am NOT saying I favor banning the US flag. But I do want to share some views of mine that are beginning to form in my mind regarding notions of patriotism, nationalism, and how these concepts relate to the current US regime in power.

First of all let me establish clearly that I love America and all that it used to stand for. America used to stand for liberty, individualism, opportunity for all, and justice applied equally under the law. Only the most seriously blind among us would think that America stands for these things today. Today we stand for group identity politics, equality of outcome (everyone equally poor!), class envy, diversity, and justice only if you’re a member of a favored group. We also stand for murdering the unborn, and the glorification of rank immorality and perversion.

The nation that raised the flag over Iwo Jima is NOT the nation flying that same flag today! I fear my government more by far than I fear Islamic terrorists. I do fear them both, but my government seems to have confused me with Islamic terrorists and seeks to steal all my liberty - in the name of security that they can’t really provide. Not only do they seek to steal my liberty, but they actively steal my hard earned substance through taxes and debauchment of the currency via inflation.

Patriotism should not mean blind devotion to national governments, but too often among too many Americans that’s exactly what’s demanded: Blind devotion. (I am speaking directly to conservatives here) The tells us that terrorism requires that we surrender our rights and submit to gross injustices never previously allowed under the constitution. And followers of the seem to demand that everyone march in lockstep. Well… I don’t lockstep (goosestep) with anyone any more!

How does one separate the nation from the government? How does one love the country – and yet hate the government? My solution to that conundrum is to reassess my priorities of allegiance. They are simply God, family, Constitution – in that order. I know that the men who waded through a storm of bullets to plant the flag on Mt Suribachi were NOT there for Mom, the flag, and apple pie. They were NOT fighting for “The American Way” either. They were fighting for their’s and their buddy’s survival – nothing more. I intend to look to what God’s plan is for this nation, as stated in the Bible, and what his plan is for me and mine – and be faithful to that. And where the Imperial Federal Leviathan has trampled God underfoot, and where it has trampled the Republic underfoot, I intend to resist it with every ounce of my being.

In short, my fervent devotion to “The American Way” now depends entirely on the definition of that “way”. If you use Obama’s definition of it, I am opposed to it down to my very bones! If you speak of the concepts espoused by Jefferson – then I am equally bone-deep dedicated. But there is no way to determine which concepts are being espoused by a simple rag on a stick. I see that flag in the background behind our Marxist president every time he gives a speech! Has it been irredeemably soiled by the likes of O and his cabal of heathens. I do not pretend to have the answer. But I do expect that someday, when my resistance switches from the mere utterances of my mouth to the acts of my hands, I will see that same flag flown by those who intend to kill me.


Chief Instructor said...

To me, the flag represents what America is supposed to be. What the Constitution is supposed to mean. Not this abomination we're living through now.

It is a symbol of the American Ideal.

MikeH. said...


An excellent response of which I salute you, Sir.


idahohunter said...

Very well said. I tend to agree. BUT, I served under that flag and my son serves still.
My heart is torn by what it used to represent and how it is portrayed today. And yes when the fight starts, and it will, thoose trying to kill us will be standing under that same flag. But it will always be the symbol of MY American Ideal.

idahobob said...

Not just the flag(s) that decorate the background whenever Barry speaks, but, check it out, they all have the gold fringe. Consider.....