Oliver Stone: One of the slimebuckets that seeks to influence American popular culture

Mel Gibson's cheese seems to have slipped off his cracker lately, and he's being savaged in the press for it. I'm not defending Mel, but I would like to point out that Oliver Stone has been saying and doing things beyond the pale for years! Ahhh but Stone is a leftist and doesn't make movies glorifying Christ or Christianity. Ever since Mel Gibson made Passion, his scalp has been well targeted.

Oliver Stone: 'Jewish-Dominated Media' Prevents Hitler from Being Portrayed 'in Context'

Director Oliver Stone belittled the Holocaust during a shocking interview with the Sunday Times today, claiming that America's focus on the Jewish massacre was a product of the "Jewish domination of the media."

The director also defended Hitler and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and railed against the "powerful lobby" of Jews in America.

Stone said that his upcoming Showtime documentary series "Secret History of America," seeks to put Hitler and Communist dictator Joseph Stalin "in context."

"Hitler was a Frankenstein but there was also a Dr Frankenstein. German industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a lot of support," Stone told reporter Camilla Long during the interview, which can be found behind the paywall on the Sunday Times' website.

Stone said that, "Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than the Jewish people,
25 or 30 [million killed]."

The Sunday Times interviewer then asked why there was such a focus on the Holocaust.

"The Jewish domination of the media," responded Stone. "There's a major lobby in the United States. They are hard workers. They stay on top of every comment, the most powerful lobby in Washington. Israel has f***** up United States foreign policy for years."

The director, who recently met with Iranian President Ahmadinejad, also slammed the U.S. policy toward Iran as "horrible."

"Iran isn't necessarily the good guy," said Stone. "[B]ut we don't know the full story!"

The Scarface screenwriter had even more encouraging words for socialist Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who Stone called "a brave, blunt, earthy" man. The director has recently been promoting his Chavez-praising documentary called "South of the Border."

When the interviewer pointed out that Chavez has had a less-than-stellar record on human rights, Stone immediately dismissed the criticism.

"The internet's fully free [in Venezuela]," said Stone. "You can say what the hell you like. Compare it with all the other countries: Mexico, Guatemala, above all Colombia, which is a joke."

While Stone has not been as blunt about his views on Jews and the Holocaust in the past, he has been outspoken in his fondness for Chavez and his disagreements with the U.S.'s policy on Iran.

On ABC's Good Morning America on July 28, the director told anchor George Stephanopoulos that he "absolutely" believes Chavez is a good person, and claimed that there was "there's no pattern of censorship in this country [Venezuela]."

Stone also said that if the U.S. pursued sanctions against Iran, "it's going to be like North Vietnam again."


MikeH. said...

If the cracked-pot son of a bitch thinks life with Hugo is so sweet, why the hell doesn't he do the USA a favor and pack his happy ass "south of the border?"

Does he honestly believe for a nano-second that he could not lose his "elite status" the nano-second Chavez has no more use for the useful idiot? Chavez would find great pleasure in swilling down a half pony of brew then kicking Stone to the gutter and pissing that entire bladder full on him from head to toe.

After the revolution: we should round up and ship all of these leftest Hollyweird douchebags to the communist run hell-hole of their choice. See how long before they start craving the American dream.


GunRights4US said...

I couldn't have said it better myself Mike!