You get the government you deserve

No way out

No way back

Only forward

Through the mess

America… you’ve made your bed...


dakotas5 said...

The junkies had to have one last fix. I really feel it will be the last one for the union.

Brock Townsend said...


Ema Nymton said...



Given how much you hate USA and its people have you thought of taking up Canada's offer? Canada is opening up its northern-most province of Nunavut to anyone from the states who just can’t stomach another four years of President Obama’s ruthless, tyrannical, moderate rule. Each immigrant will receive 40 acres of land conveniently located near open water. And Canada is also generously offering a used snowmobile and a sled to any newcomers as well. There’s no doubt that life in Nunavut, fending for yourself without any help from the Nanny State, will take some getting used to, especially for those Southerners who hail from states that receive far more government benefits than they pay in tax revenue.

You might even be allowed to take with you your beloved 4 Glock 23.

Ema Nymton

GunRights4US said...

I have no desire to live in Canada madam. It's not my home. The South is my home and I have innumerable ancestors buried here. I have no intention of leaving them behind to go live elsewhere among foreign socialists. I will simply resist Leviathan and it's worshippers with every fiber of my being for the rest of my days. And furthermore I will imbue my children and grandchild with a love of individual liberty and an utter contempt for those who cling to Nanny for their life's sustenance.

Ema you're a sad twisted soul. The collectivist kool-aid you've guzzled down over the years has irreparably warped your worldview - and you are to be pitied.

Brock Townsend said...

Well said. The FSA at it's finest.......:)