A wise man recently said...

These tidbits are the miscellaneous musings of Robert Hall, aka Old Jarhead:

I think every soldier and Marine should be issued a rifle in Boot Camp, take it with him from duty station to duty station--and keep it when he leaves the service. Sure, there would be some problems--but a lot less crime in our society.
Nothing is as successful at killing employee initiative and productivity as micromanagement.
It amazes me how many people make bad life choices, then demand that someone else fix the mess.
Jefferson and Jackson are revered as the great men of the Democrat party, which holds “Jefferson-Jackson” day dinners every year. But if they were alive today, with the current principles and policies of the Democrats, Jefferson wouldn’t show up. Jackson would, but someone would be looking down the bore of Old Hickory’s dueling pistol.
Obama may have stood down when it came time to save the lives of four Americans in Benghazi, but you have to admit he stood up for Sandra Fluke’s right to have someone else pay for her birth control.
Some people ration politeness like there is a limited supply.
Class is not status, or wealth or education or breeding. Class is where you stand when things get tough.


Lantry said...

He makes a lot of sense. How the heck did I miss his blog until now? Thanks for posting it.

Brock Townsend said...

Good to go.