Concerning boogermen and elevator pranks

This video is being referred to on the internet as the scariest elevator prank of all time.  You watch it and be the judge of that for yourself.

I’ve always had a fascination with ghost stories as far back as I can remember.  When I was a young’un we lived in an old wood frame house that was built sometime in the early 1940’s.  It naturally made lots of creepy noises at night, and it was a passion of both my father and older brother to tell me that what I was hearing was the original owner of the house; a Mr. Hankins who died long before I was born, supposedly in our house.  I found out many years later that Mr. Hankins did NOT die in our house.  But as a boy I was utterly convinced that we had our very own spook.

There came the day when I wanted to tinker around in my dad’s very well stocked workshop.  My dad was determined that I would NOT be allowed in his workshop and as expected he’d locked the exterior door with a solid padlock.  Not to be deterred by the likes of a simple lock, I climbed over the wall in the back of the garage and made my way through the overhead and down into the shop.  Success!

After a short while of goofing around in the shop I began to take note of how dark and gloomy it was in there with the door shut like it was.  It was then that “Mr. Hankins” chose to make some strange noises in the very overhead that I needed to exit through (likely nothing more boogerish than a rat).  I decided to take my chances with the locked door rather than confront  some booger-man in the attic of our garage/shop.  I should have thought through the matter more thoroughly.

I got a running start and hit that shop door at full speed.  I don’t know now, forty years later, what exactly I thought would happen.  But what did happen was the door split half in two, from top to bottom; which is exactly what my daddy did to my backside when he got home and found the door hanging from its hinges all askew. 


Brock Townsend said...

We had a Mr. Reynolds and a Mr. Mets as ghosts in our house and you better believe they were present as every night the floors creaked as they prowled around.:)

Wes said...

Hilarious Story! Thanks for sharing.

And I had heard about the elevator prank, but hadn't seen it yet. Wow! There's gotta be someone who would pull out a gun and claim self-defense.
I went to Savannah, GA last year, and it is the ghost capitol of the U.S. It's a blast.