To be used against YOU, here in America

Remember the NDAA now opens the door for military tribunal treatment of American's here at home

Remember the principal that when you have a big hammer, all your problems look like nails

Remember that such agencies as TSA are willing to grope your children and your ninety year-old grandma

Remember that our government sees EVERYONE as a terrorist, and the shift is AWAY from Mustafa and TOWARDS Bubba

Listen carefully for the tax-payer fed bureaucrat to say "we're ruling nothing out" in how they use this AGAINST YOU AMERICA!


Tobias said...

One of the most concerning things out of that news story was the police helicopter telling the news helicopter that the FAA had restricted the airspace. It is one thing to threaten someones liberty, but telling someone that they are doing something that could get their government issued permission slip (pilots license) taken away. That seems to cross another line.

Sparky said...

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

If "they" keep it up, there is going to be a war alright. A civil war.

Mark Matis said...

Now Tobias, you need to understand that "Law Enforcement" has blanket authority to lie to Mere Citizens. Courts have REPEATEDLY ruled that there is NO requirement for them to tell the truth. Hell, they don't even tell the truth when under oath! Don't believe me? Look up the term "testilying". See why it is included in Black's Law Dictionary. And see how prevalent even the judges and prosecutors that BENEFIT from that think it is.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember that the Obama and his cronies wanted to allow real terrorist to be tried in civil court and not by military tribunal and he also was against detaining them at Guantanamo. But he doesn’t have a problem with it for American citizens. So, does anybody need any more proof as to what he is all about?

Chief Instructor said...

Wow. I'm shocked.

That they got caught.

Apparently, we get to, "assume the position" 24/7 now.