Something good for a change

A little over two years ago my son and his wife gave me my first grandchild: a precious and sweet natured little girl they named Isabelle. She has been a bright shining ray of sunlight across our lives, and a real blessing from Almighty God in every sense of the word.

Over time we discovered that she wasn’t developing in her motor skills at the normal rate, and after many doctor’s visits it was finally determined that she had undergone some oxygen starvation while in the womb. There is actually scar tissue on the surface of her brain. So we have watched as our precious grandbaby has lagged behind in motor development and speech patterns.

The good news, we are told, is that oftentimes the brain can adapt and other parts of the brain that are undamaged can “take up the slack”. Many children with this problem grow up and show no signs of ever struggling to develop normally.

Many children are afflicted to some extent for their whole lives.

Need I say that many prayers have been said over this sweet and wonderful little girl that she will be among those who are able to overcome?

Isabelle shows many signs that her problems are not cognitive, and that is something important to be thankful for. But she has reached the age of two and has not been able to walk without the aid of a walker. She is also way behind in her speech development and articulates very little that even passes for baby talk.

Nonetheless, we all love her very much, and her mother and father have both worked VERY hard with the physical therapy routines in order to give Isabelle every chance to walk and talk like every other precious two year old out there.

I got a text message from her mother this morning that absolutely brought me tears – and I am a man who could stomp the eyeballs out of an enemy and eat a sandwich over the corpse. But I blubbered like a little child when I read this from my DIL:

“Isabelle walked unassisted today without trying to hold onto the therapist. She actually looked like a toddler walking down the therapy hallway. :D”

Praise be to God from whom all blessings flow!


Toaster 802 said...

That is incredibility awesome. I feel the same kind of joy about my child. He had a rough start but has blossomed into an incredible little person. He is the reason I have had my fill of the police/ slave state and refuse to condemn him to it without a fight.

The Lord works in mysterious and wonderful ways. I just cannot understand those who can perceive the wonder of a child yet fail to understand God.

I am sure she has many wonderful surprises for you in the years ahead!

Paul Mitchell said...

What a little angel, she is. I am happy for you and your family.

Diogenes said...

Man, granbehbies are the best. Those smiles melt the hardest diamond surfaced grandpa's.
Glad to hear she is making progess, that shows spirit and with a smile like that, she has loads of spirit.

From one proud papaw to another. God Bless..

Sparky said...

Praise Jesus for this little precious girl. What a sweet angel!! She has such a wonderful smile too. I am so pleased that she is improving. I will add her to my daily prayer list that she be completely healed. And special love and hugs for all y'all. Please be sure to keep us posted as to her progress when convenient, 'k?

God bless y'all. :)

kdzu said...


idahobob said...

Grandchildren are a blessing from GOD!

We have lots of 'em, and this last December we were informed that there will be 2 more come the end of July.

We love 'em all, equally.


John Venlet said...

That is a blessing, GR4US, and a beautiful one. May Isabelle thrive.

GunRights4US said...

Thanks y'all. Your kind words and blessings are very much appreciated!

Chief Instructor said...

Keep showing her love and support, and things will progress. And keep her away from the "help" of the state as much as possible.

God bless and keep the faith.

Matthew said...

Late to comment but, awesome news none-the-less!