This morning at the range

The range in this case being defined as a parcel of woods I have access to by virtue of a hunting club I'm in.

This first pic is the first shot of the day off a cold barrel - at 400 yards. 150 grain, .270 Win.

And here's my group at 400.

I had a really good day on the trigger today.


Brock Townsend said...

You killed them!:)

Diogenes said...


I love seeing soft metals cutting hard metals! That is just too cool. Really gives you an appreciation for the difference between cover and concealment and just how much 'cover' you really need.

Chief Instructor said...

Damn, Guns, nice shootin'!

I clearly need to increase my knowledge of a bullet's ability to pierce metal. Am I seeing that weight plate correctly? Three through and through shots? At 400 yards?

Holy crap.

GunRights4US said...

Yeah you're seeing it right Chief. I have to admit that I was a bit taken aback as well. I didn't have a good backstop other than a bunch of woods, so I used a couple of barbell weights to stop the bullets. It looks like it merely slowed 'em down. I had one plate literally shatter after about 4 hits.

Dirty Modified said...

I am not a great shooter. Though I am steadily improving (never raised around guns). After researching ballistics and calibers for a week straight, I came away thoroughly impressed by the .270.

I ended up picking up a 7mm rem mag. But man-o-man, those 270's are nasty....

I like your grouping. You are a better shot than I am.