Some Pete, but mostly Repeat

There really is such a thing as writer’s block ya know. I’ve had a case of it for some time now, and the desire to bang away at the keyboard has waned within me. Much of it is surely profound disgust at the way I see things going in the world around me. I’m starting to feel like a 5th century citizen of Rome! And how much can you say, that hasn’t already been said, about the fall of Rome\America?

In any event, I was looking back at some of the things I’ve penned here in the past (in attempt to find inspiration methinks) and stumbled across one or two things I’ve said that bare repeating - if I say so myself!

We are becoming a nation of squealers


ontoliberty said...

When I get jammed up,I find it helps me to comment at other blogs.That will usually give me some inspiration.Granted,I haven't been at this very long,but that works for me.

Just my thoughts on the matter.Don't give up.

We need all of us in this together.

Diogenes said...

Was right there with you until I went to Patcom in TX. Meeting people that have the same thoughts, feelings and drives really revived my spirit. IF at all Possible, I would recommend setting a something similar in your area, find others of like mind and spend a few days sharing ideas. It will revive your drive, not just to blog but to do something. We all get to that point where things are too heavy to bear by self. Knowing that others are there doing it also really takes some of that pressure off, if only in the mind.

GunRights4US said...

Thanks for the good word Dio. I didn't mean to infer that I've lost the motivation to prepare. That continues unabated. I merely have lost the trill of writing about lately. If anything, my preps have increased in intensity as SHTF approaches.