The Emerging One-Party Empire, and How to Deal With It

This is a piece by Michael at the Southern Nationalist Network that I thought was very compelling. This passage in particular resonated with me:

There is nothing we can do to change Washington, DC, but we can work towards making the Feds and their connected institutions less relevant in our local area. We can marry younger and have more children, thereby preventing the elimination of our people. We can educate our own children rather than sending them to government schools, thereby transmitting our culture and values to another generation. We can engage in institution building rather than waste efforts trying to change institutions that are beyond reform.

Yes dear Reader - I am a hardcore Southerner. Once upon a time it was much easier to think of America as one country. But these days it appears we're heading for some kind of Balkanization of the former American Empire.

Considering that my fifth Great-Grandfather landed in South Carolina around 1732, and his sons and grandsons spent the next 280 years in SC, Georgia, and Florida, then is it any wonder where my allegiance should lie?


Brock Townsend said...

As is I!:) Michael is a friend of mine and he came to visit me at the Sam Davis Youth Camp in 2010. I think you will enjoy the video and his words below it. This will be Dixie's sixth year.

Excellent, New Sam Davis Youth Camp Video

Sparky said...

I'm with y'all!! And we're also praying for peace but preparing for war.