Our kids have been brainwashed - The Gimmie Generation is here

If you watch this video, and if you believe that the professor is telling the truth about what attitudes he found among his students, then America is truly doomed.

Thanks to Curtis for digging this one up


Sparky said...

Gosh, 80% want gummit to "help"?!! Yipes! That's sad. That's communism a la the Public School's "education". Well, one thing is encouraging, the Prof will set them right to be sure. And I understand that there are many, many college students who are Libertarian. So there is HOPE.

Anonymous said...

We MUST get the feds OUT of our schools and universities!

There's no mention in Art 1, Sec. 8. of the US Constitution about the feds being charged with furthering education.

Parents and local communities are perfectly capable of handling their children's education.

Disband the Dept of Education immediately along with many, many other agencies, departments and programs.



Anonymous said...

That guy is an ass. First of all he is intruding on his students privacy by "forcefully" going through their personal belongings. I do believe the students are correct in the sense that we do have a right to have "life, liberty, and property". You tell me what the government does now! They do the complete opposite of protecting liberties and use their power of monetary manipulation to back the 1% as well as pushing for a big government social system. We want a limited government that protects people's liberties and provides people with the tools they need to excel the united states economy into the leading manufacturer of goods and services and bring back communities into an equilibrium state.

GunRights4US said...

You say the guy’s an ass. I say we need more asses like him teaching our kids some realistic life lessons.

I have no doubt that once the lesson was done he handed the money back to the students. If the spoiled little darlings learned something from it – where’s the harm?

And by the way, those students think they have a right to life liberty and property all right; FOR FREE, FROM THE GOVT, SEIZED FROM OTHERS, BY FORCE!