My comments on Sept 11th

I'll be in the woods on Sunday taking advantage of the opening of bow season. So I felt maybe I should go ahead and make my 9/11 post.

On this the anniversary of the Sept 11th attacks, I felt compelled to join the throng of commentators on the current scene and add my views to the mix.

Here in the heart of GunRights4US, there is no sorrow, no remorse, no introspection, no hope for world peace. Little doves are not winging in circles about my head, and my thoughts are not clouded with scenes of America feeding refugees in some foreign land. I’ll tell you what you would see if by magic you could directly access the inner machinations of my mind. You would see boiling rage and anger aimed at three parties when it comes to 9/11.


The first and obvious target of my angst is the followers of that devil-god Allah. And not merely for the “radical” variety either. The distinction of “moderate” versus “radical” Muslims is false label applied by a media and political class that desperately wants to deny that we are engaged in an old-style religious war. War can be waged by one party against another party whether or not that second party is willing to acknowledge that war is being waged.

Deny reality if you will – but the consequences of denying reality will NOT be long denied. In short, Islam is not a religion but a political movement that masquerades as a religion. It is, in every way, anathema to all freedom loving peoples anywhere, and it knows no compromise of any kind. Islam divides the world and everyone in it into the house of Islam, or the house of the un-believers, and its solution is very simple: conversion, slavery, or death. This is a fundamental tenant of Islam. So the more closely a Muslim adheres to Islamic doctrine, the more likely he is to slit your infidel throat!

The next target of my vitriol is the political class that has mishandled the Islam issue as surely as it has mishandled every other crisis for the last couple of generations. The last time an American politician dealt properly with Islam was in 1801 when Thomas Jefferson declared “millions for defense, but not one penny for tribute”. He then backed up his high sounding rhetoric with Marines on the ground in Tripoli. Since then, the political slugs aspiring to rule this great land have embraced the concept of tribute and a mindset of stark dhimmitude (If you don’t know the meaning of that word you’re part of the problem). When George Bush stood before Congress and declared that we are not at war with Islam, he made himself (and America) the fool for all to see. He also clearly communicated to our enemies that their deceptive plans are working – keep it up.

American politicians are kissing Islamic arse like never before. When it was discovered that Trijicon scopes used a Bible verse based system of model numbers, the military establishment went bonkers and threatened to stop buying one of the best combat scopes ever made. In the brass’s mind apparently it’s okay to bomb, incinerate, and machine gun Muslims – but for Pete’s sake let’s not offend them! And were you aware that American troops in Afghanistan were ordered to burn Bibles?

Finally, I harbor a deep loathing of the politically correct citizenry and media that refuses to pull its head out of the sand and hear what the members of Allah’s death cult are saying out loud. Muslims are using this pervasive degree of ignorance among Westerners to advance their sect’s plan for dominating the world. By the way – you DO know that lying to advance the cause of Islam is another fundamental aspect of this “faith” right? That’s something that our media has latched onto – though not in the way you might think. The talking heads are lying to you Joe Sixpacks out there (about more than just Islam), and they justify it with the notion that the ends justify the means. If ONLY we would be nice enough to the towel heads, they’ll stop trying to blow us up! When I see one of those asinine COEXIST bumper stickers, I see red with pure anger. I want to yank the driver out of his or her automobile and scream in their face “Are you STUPID?” It's the same mindset displayed by the people busy turning the Flight 93 memorial into a giant red crescent honoring - THE HIJACKERS!

The Hindus, the Zoroastrians, the Sikhs, the Jews, and the Christians are not trying to slaughter everyone who doesn’t believe like they do (the very definition of a religious war)! That bloody form of evangelism is exclusively the province of those moon-god fanatics who are stuck in the 7th century; and who demand that everyone else on the planet join them there – or die.

In closing, let me make one final point. Islam is a danger to a degree far beyond anything ever posed by communism or fascism. But here in America, the fascist political class is using the very real threat of Islam to leverage up their own power (think The Patriot Act). The Osamites out there want to enslave me, humiliate me, rob me of my substance, and ultimately force me on pain of death to accept their ideology. The Obamites want the EXACT same thing of me, and they’re IN CHARGE of my country!

Remember September 11th (and remember that your own government sees you as a terrorist Mr & Mrs white middle-class American)


Ken said...


...wish i could've been the one to put it to words...


Sparky said...

Thank you for putting my thoughts into words. I agree! And Amen.

Hope you have a blessed weekend fellow Patriot.

Average American said...

Excellent post! We have some very mutual ideas on who the enemies are. I'll be adding you to my blogroll.