Gun voucher giveaway gets car dealer in a world of trouble

Despite the White House harassment, and the loss of financing and insurance arrangements that came in the past, the Butler, Mo., car dealer who will be giving away AK-47’s again starting in October.

“Guess what? We are doing it again! It is the Fourth Annual Great Guns and Gas Give-Away!” said Mark Muller, the owner of Max Motors, whose July 17, 2009 interview with CNN’s Carol Costello about his promotion was great publicity, but brought him unwelcome attention.

Within days of the CNN broadcast, three agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives arrived at the dealership, he said.

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GR4U - I applaude this man's courage!


Chief Instructor said...

These guys are crazy, and a threat to society. OMG, they're handing out paper certificates, like, well, they're made of paper! They must be stopped!

The most disgusting thing about the story was the pressure they're getting from Government Motors. "Don't play nice like King Barry wants you to, and we'll ruin your business. No more cars, buddy."

I've already decided to never buy a GM (or Chrysler) car again. This just reinforces my decision.

GunRights4US said...

Same here. The Imperial Federal Gubmint gets ENOUGH of my hard earned money. Besides... I have no desire to enrich the car unions either.

Ken said...

...has any one else noticed how the LEOs are all getting new GMs and Chrysler products???

...the Big Three are now just the Big Blue(oval)One...