Marines ban audible farting in Afghanistan

I knew that political correctness was making inroads into the military. I knew the Marines weren't the same as when I served. I knew being "offensive" was fast becoming a crime among the perpetually and professionally aggrieved. But this is getting just plain ridiculous!

As far as I'm concerned, if a young Marine can put his life on the line and possibly give his life for the "spread of freedom and democracy" and all of that crap for the Afghans, then by God he ought to be able to FART!

Read about it here.


Anonymous said...

I’m so f’n pissed right now. What a ridicule rule. WTF, we can lay down our lives to free them from tyranny but we can’t pass gas? During my first deployment I once momentarily closed my eyes while in a room full of those filthy goat fornicators. I thought to myself, this is what being trapped in a trash bag full of dirty assholes must smell like. If one of us Americans in that room had farted it would be like somebody opened a window and let in fresh air. Dead American warriors buried all over the planet rolled over in their graves when this rule came down then they realized who was running the country and they started to weep.

Sparky said...

Another stupid rule handed down by the PC brass trying to hamstring our fine Marines! All I can say is, pull my finger ...