This date in history....

Today, thirty-three years ago, I raised my hand and swore an oath to defend and protect the Constitution against ALL enemies. That long ago morning, my vision of “enemies” was pretty much limited to people who marched under the red flag of communism. Now these many years later it’s much more clear that the enemies wear business suits and sit in buildings where the stars and stripes are flown overhead.

The Constitution was/is not perfect by a damn sight. I know that smacks of pure heresy to the legions of conservative document worshippers out there. At the risk of descending into a discussion of its failings, allow me instead to point you Boston T Party’s excellent book Hologram of Liberty. Many conservatives and right wingers will find its central theme very disturbing, but after re-reading it many times over, and extending my reading into biographies of the most relevant figures I have come to the conclusion that the document was grievously flawed from the outset – and deliberately so.

That being said, I still swore an oath; certainly not under duress but definitely under the influence of ignorance (which I have since cured). I am not relieved of that oath as best as I can tell. And the document’s shortcomings notwithstanding, there remains that huge crowd of elected officials who routinely wipe their ass on the same Constitution they swore to protect and defend.

The bottom line is that all those sorry bastards who have dishonored their oath to the nation and the Constitution, should be either shot – or hung. Washington’s many monuments should be decorated with the dangling corpses of all those many corrupt scumbags who helped to shovel the American Republic into an early grave.


kdzu said...

Amen, and Amen!

Radwan said...

Semper Fi, You salty old Pirate.