A hard look at the evidence of Easter

The English journalist, Frank Morison (real name Albert Henry Ross) was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon, in 1881. He died in 1950.

His finest work, still in print, was "Who Moved the Stone?" - essential reading for anyone who doubts the truth of the Easter story.

Influenced by the skeptics of the time, Morison began writing his book to prove that the Resurrection of Christ was a fabricated story. The more he probed, the more he came to believe in its authenticity. In fact the first chapter is entitled "The Book Which Refused to be Written".

When I first read "Who Moved The Stone?" I was struck by the forensic skills which Morison used to assemble both the case for the prosecution and the case for the defense. It is investigative journalism at its best.

The book includes a moving and vivid description of the betrayal by Judas, Christ's trial and death, and the accounts of the Resurrection. Some of the chapter titles give a flavor of the style of the book: "The Real Case Against The Prisoner"; "What Happened Before Midnight on Thursday?"; "Between Sunset and Dawn"; and "The Witness of The Great Stone."

For a person to honestly appropriate the title of Skeptic, shouldn't that require a good faith and objective review of the evidence presented beforehand?


Brock Townsend said...

Interesting and thanks.

Shy Wolf said...

I recall reading him decades ago but remember little of it other than his quest, a lot more intellectual than mine, was similar in that we each arrived at the same point:Christ is all I need.
I wasn't reared in a Christian home, was 'kind of' a catholic, but walked out one day when told to pray to a statue of Mary.
It took God 30 more years to get me to understand He still loved me and I am welcome into the living room He and Jesus share.
GR- thank you for posting this and exposing others to the author and his conclusions, encouraging them to read and ask the honest questions.
I am sure God loves this, and I, who so often is on the wrong side of the fence from God's Will, also love it. Thank you very much.
Happy Resurrection.

GunRights4US said...

Morison's book is NOT an easy read. It borders on being "scholarly" in fact. But it's an extremely deep analysis of what many beleive to be the most significant event in history.

Glad to have you stop by Shy Wolf.