Something for the Confederates among us

The following is an anonymous comment made in response to Arctic Patriot’s Request for Perspective. Though that post inspired many great and thoughtful comments, this particular gentleman has perfectly captured my own view, and I thought it worth sharing with you my readers (all two of you).

To the anonymous author: If you read this, drop me a line @yahoo. I want to ask you about cemeteries, deer hunting clubs, and pickup trucks! [wink]

AP, first off let me say that I have read your posts and believe I have read enough to say you have my endorsement as an adopted Southerner. It is more of a state of mind than a physical location. Second, slavery was wrong and I believe the South would have voluntarily abolished it although it would have taken many more years. The great irony to me is that blacks today are on a much more sadistic and evil "plantation" than they ever were on a cotton, sugar or rice plantation. Back then at least they weren't patronized and played for fools the way they are by the present day democratic party whose main interest is keeping them impoverished while telling them something else.

I was born in the great state of Georgia (the southern part) and have lived here my whole 39 years. While I do have a college education and am a bit on the higher side of the intelligence bell curve I make no effort to hide my southern accent. My family reunions sound like Gone with the Wind and many of my family are buried in a graveyard alongside CSA veterans.

All through my "education" I was taught how we were wrong and the north was right. I then began to think for myself more, and read, and use common sense and the Constitution as anchor points and grew to understand why there is a faint undercurrent of resentment always present as it pertains to the "war of northern aggression". The more I learn the more I despise that bastard Lincoln and when my kids get older will make sure they know he wasn't the saint he is portrayed to be. Don't even get me started on Sherman, there are still reminders all around where I live of what that sorry no good son of a whore did. I hope he burns in agony in hell to this day and for another thousand years.

Most of us stay pretty quiet and tend our own business. Many Southern boys have fought and died under the United States flag and we will defend her today but rest assured many of us would muster pretty quickly to the tune of "Dixie", not to enslave anyone but rather to divorce ourselves from the moral relativism rampant in urban society today and this oppressive behemoth of a FEDGOV. These boys on Wall Street and DC (ETC.) can keep figuring ways to screw people and shopping for $400 pairs of shoes. We'll keep growing things, distilling things, shooting and catching things, sharpening things and doing things. I believe the next one will be a little different because of the number of us who are Southerners in our hearts even in places like Alaska and the plain fact that the ones who do want Uncle Sugar to grow have gotten damned soft in the last 146 years.

I drove past Ft. Sumter today but couldn't attend because of other business. My heart was with them though as I know what yesterday and today mean. I wish I could sign off here with a Confederate battle flag because it is not a symbol of hate, to me it is a symbol of individual states rights that have been stomped on for a long time now and the time will come again when those states rights are reasserted.


Brock Townsend said...

Needless to say, you get an Amen from me! :) Posted.

David III said...

And from me, the other of the two readers!

Pineywoods Patriot said...

I live in southeast Texas and most here share the same feelings.

We took our 3 daughters this past weekend to the 175th anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto for a living history class. it was AWESOME as usual.

There was one instance when they had the battlefield cleared HOT for the pyro & cannon fire.

Across the battlefield walks this mexican lady w/ 3 kid in tow.

Everyone was saying they couldn't believe it and "Oh my God". When I said:

"That's why they lost the battle"

Everyone laughed and my wife said I embarassed her.

They missed the point. the Mexican army failed to maintain situational awareness and used the old Napoleonic style of fighting.

The Texians used insurgent style fighting. Just like our kinfolk did back when the yankee's invaded us.

And so, here we sit on the porch, watchin' history take another lap. This time, were ready.