The very essence of stupidity (or proof of life on other planets)

I don't believe I've ever read so much imbecility and asininity crammed into such a small space. Wading through this kid's stereotypes, non sequiters, grammatical lunacy, and positively laughable sense of logic, I think I actually felt my own IQ slip a couple of points. A big clue was when I finished reading it, my jaw hung slackly and a blank glazed look had crept over my face.

Beware, this short little anti-gun piece by a Colorado State University Sociology and Journalism major, could be the proof that there is primitive life out there on other planets. Planet Moonbat is certainly populated!

Guns, freedom and more guns

PS: Do yourself a favor and have look at the comments in response. Young Mr. Bowman has had his ass handed to him on a platter.

h/t to Arctic Patriot


Here's my own comment posted there:

Set aside please all arguments as to the applicability of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Go back to your dictionary and look up the word “unalienable” instead of antediluvian. I don’t need the permission of either document to exercise my UNALIENABLE right to defend myself with whatsoever firearm I care to procure and possess.

And if you or anyone else thinks askance of that view, then I enjoin you to mosey your lil college boy behind on over and try to disarm me - and several million other Americans who are equally as passionate about the matter!

No…that won’t happen. Instead you and your sheep-like ilk will continue to compel some other mother’s son to do what you don’t have courage to attempt. Either way, someone will have to kill me to take ANY of my unalienable rights away from me.

Just because you wish to immerse yourself in the global circle-jerk collective, and march in lockstep with the rest of the hive out there, don’t expect the rest of us to come along quietly for the ride.

My response to the cries of “yes we can” is an emphatic “NO HELL YOU CAN’T!”


Son of Liberty said...

there were many good comments on there. since most aspect of that poor gentlemans idiocy had been covered....i submitted this short comment:

“I have never been in a situation where I look back and say ‘wow, good thing I had my gun’.”

So then, if you admittedly know nothing on the subject, why do you feel it necessary to opine?

perhaps those in E. St. Louis who HAVE said “wow, good thing I had my gun.” might educate you to the nature of the real world.

Sir, I feel so intensely sorry for you.

oh wait……..it’s gone

I will have no remorse on that cold autumn day when you arrogance comes home to roost.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he got spanked pretty hard, didn't he?

I love it.


Ken said...

...awww,i think he's gonna cry...not the way he thought it would end up huh?...somewhere in his idiocy,he had delusions of grand comments mirroring his opinions...typical tho,from our institutions of (getting)higher learning...

Anonymous said...

Hey, where's ALL 57 stars to represent the states Obamao visited during his campaign?


Chief Instructor said...

I think he's angling to get Obermann's job at MSNBC. Hell, ANY job at that cesspool. Seems like a shoe-in to me...