Take a civics quiz

Test your knowledge of civics with this 33 question quiz.

Note that the average score is 49%.

It's no wonder America is slipping so bad. We've become too stupid to pour piss out of a boot! score was 91%


Chief Instructor said...

93.94%. Missed two questions on taxes. Some kind of mental block, I guess... ;-)

GunRights4US said...

Good job! I therefore deem you worthy of associating with.


Chief Instructor said...

LOL, I sent the link to my wife, who's a 5th grade teacher, to give to her kids when they return from Christmas break.

Dennis308 said...

You must be pretty smart I only scored 87.88% missed four questions on this quiz though I still don´t agree with the answer to question #31, I think an economy should be diversified in order to be more productive.


PS. does that make me worthy also.