Regarding tots, testes & the TSA

Just who in blazes would want to work at a job where you:

- are hated and despised by all your “customers”
- must publicly fondle the genitals of an endless stream of fat, smelly, surly, sweaty, strangers – with a straight face
- are accumulating a massive lifetime dose of radiation to the only body you have
- must routinely pry screaming children from their parents arms in order to frisk them like you would a prison inmate

What does this say about the psyche of someone who wants a job like this?

I have no choice but to fly on two occasions each year. I am NOT standing in that microwave powered “body-print” machine (given my predisposition to skin cancer), and I am NOT sure how I’m going to react when someone I’ve never met grabs a hold of my short arm!

Now go read the short but VERY enlightening post over at Confederate Yankee she entitles: Good News! TSA Scanners Damage DNA, Increase Cancer Risk to Everyone, But Will Kill Small Children and TSA Agents First

Remember that what you don’t know CAN hurt you.


MikeH. said...

I realize that not everyone can totally avoid air travel. However, I can and I will avoid it. But then again, considering some of my opinions, I may not have a choice in the matter even if I did want to fly... lol

How was the squirrel dinner? Sure looked might good.


idahobob said...

I understand your need to fly.

But....after our experience with the TSA goons and Spokane airport, we will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, fly again.

My DW is still traumatized from that one.

All of our adult children, their spouses, and all of our grand children,(there are 13 of the rugrats) live at least a two day drive away.

Sooooo, if there is going to be any visitation on our part, we will have to budget for the fuel and motels and food for any journeys. And of course, they can come up here, to beautiful Idaho, to visit (hopefully move here)

'nuff for now,


GunRights4US said...

I have family living in Jamaica, and taking a cruise boat there and back just isn't practical.

idahobob said...

I do understand.

One son and family are on Guam. It is too cost prohibitive to go and visit there. All the others are here, stateside.