Why the elections don’t matter

I hear the steady hue and cry around me all the time: "Wait til November", as if the damage done by generations of steadily growing collectivist governments could be undone in a single referendum.

But here's why I think we're just fooling ourselves:

1. Obama minion, David Axlerod has already hinted strongly that his boss is prepared to do an end-run around an uncooperative Congress by use of his army of unelected Czars.

2. In that same interview with the LA Times, Axlerod also hints at extensive (and almost never challenged) use of Executive Orders to further the collectivist agenda.

3. The “Justice Dept” has made clear its intent to NOT reign in voter intimidation when it’s done by the left. Going to the polls could be a new experience for many people this November!

4. The strategy of relentless vote recounts in close elections has paid off handsomely. Why abandon what has clearly yielded results: Think Al Franken

5. And even if a few ostensibly conservative candidates are elected, watch how fast the putrid climate of Washington works its black magic on them. Fresh apples tossed into a barrel of already rotten fruit only results in more rotten fruit.

6. The relentless spin and smear campaign of the big media outlets will be brought to focus on any remaining holdouts against the corrupting influences of Washington. Look at the villification of Palin, or Gingrich, or anybody that dares to break out of lockstep with the collectivists.

Liberty in America has only one chance: Armed Americans demonstrating a willingness to resist the advent of tyranny. And my faith in Elmer Fudd has never been that strong!


Kerodin said...

Valid points, all.

While a single election will not turn back generations of devolution and Liberal damage to the republic, I think every American has a moral obligation to vote. Voting is a tool of Liberty given to us by men and women who fought and bled so that we would not have to use weapons to change our rulers.

While it may come to Second Amendment remedies in the end, at least we will be able to look our Grandchildren in the eyes and tell them how important it is to vote, and that we voted right up until the moment that we had no other choice...


GunRights4US said...

You're absolutely correct. While I think voting is a pure waste of time, I STILL vote. That way I can be assured of having done all I could do to avoid turning to that final option.