This leaves me speechless (rare for me!)

That someone would consider this "training", or that another someone would entrust their life to such an "instructor"....


h/t View from the Porch


Anonymous said...

Cross post called for, and are you flipping kidding me. This guy is nuts,unsafe,and did I mention nuts.

Dennis308 said...

If Ignacio hires this guy I WANT DOUBLE MY MONEY BACK.
Dont get me wrong the Pendajo is avery good shot and the Idiota is well a Idiot. I understand what the instructor was saing in spanish and he knew what he was talking about. BUT it´s one thing to be able to shoot that good when you need to save a hostage, BUT IT IS SHEAR STUPIDITY DO THAT JUST FOR A DEMONSTRATION.

Guess the value of a life is not that great in Mexico I believe it looked like Neuevo Leon.

on the border