Affiliation with Oath Keepers used as justification to seize newborn from parents

This needs to go viral!

“We told them that we wanted the have the pediatrician come check out the baby so that we could get discharged and go home… Well the director of security comes in with the head nurse and say “No we are going to take the baby to the nursery to have the pediatrician check her out so you guys can go home” They lied to us! They got us to allow them to take our daughter under false pretenses, as a matter of fact, we didn’t even have a choice. I tried to stop them and tell them to bring the doctor in the room and they refused to, and they just wheeled our daughter out… I see three different individuals wearing suits and I saw detective badges…. I am like… Who are they!? And she says DCYF which is Division of Child Youth and Family Services. Next thing you know three uniform patrolmen and I think 3 or 4 detectives… … and proceeded to tell me that they are taking my daughter. My fiance didn’t even get any time to bond with the baby. They came in and stole our child! In the affidavit… … it says that they know I have affiliations… … a militia known as the Oath Keepers. And first of all, I don’t know if you know anything about Oath Keepers, but they are a far, far cry from a militia. As a matter of fact the Oath Keepers frown upon any kind of uprising, I guess you can say, which is what a militia could be… …Tried to refuse to allow me to give my daughter a hug and a kiss… got to spend a few minutes with my daughter and then we were told to leave…”

The affidavit said “… the Division became aware and confirmed that Mr. Irish associated with a militia known as the “Oath Keepers”…” It was in forms from the DHHS and DCYF and signed by “Child Protective Service Worker” Dana Bicford on October 7th at 11:57AM.

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UPDATE: The actual affidavit has been posted at Prison Planet.


Anonymous said...

Any follow up on what has transpired since? Any "civil rights" groups getting involved to help these people get their child back? Is there a "Legal Offense" fund being established? I really don't see this "standing" in an uncorrupted court. Has the Oathkeepers been designated an official terrorist orgn or something? Sounds like the baby is going to have the possibility to establish a substantial "college fund" from the proceeds of the lawsuit which should be forthcoming.

GunRights4US said...

This is breaking news. I'm sure that more will become known shortly.

Stay tuned.

Son of Liberty said...

actually, i might be going against the grain here, but i think we need to investigate here before flipping the hell out.

i would say this is much less about his involvement with oathkeepers, and more about a 21 month court procedure for dissalution of parental rights for the other two daughters of the couple. This DOPrights hearing was apparently based on neglect, domestic violence, and some firearms charges. keep in mind though that allegations are just that- allegations.

nothing here is conclusively certain, for either side.

i'm not saying don't be concerned... but keep your guard up. we're basing this fuss on a youtube recording of a cellphone call, and a document where the paragraph that mentions oathkeeprs appears to be different typeface/inkcolor, etc.