The testimony of a New York Fireman

Vinny Forras is a highly decorated firefighter from Westchester and was one of the first responders. On the third day of rescue and recovery operations he was buried alive with other firefighters by a collapse under the burning ruins. He was rescued after two hours and I think well represents his many brothers who perished on 9/11 and since.

“I grew up in Queens and I proudly served in the shadow of Ground Zero. I was one of the firefighters to answer the call and I was buried for nearly two hours beneath the rubble with my brothers. And I’m here to stand before you today and let you know that if I ever say or do anything that’s considered politically correct, it’s completely by accident.

We, the people, are still under attack, today. Planes rammed into these buildings on 9/11, but what’s happening here with this mosque is a continuation of the attack on all of us. I liken it to the Twilight Zone, where everything you believe that can’t happen does happen, especially with this administration. Think about it: we’re standing here on the 66th anniversary of D-Day when our brave soldiers took a beach head far away and spilled their blood in defense of America, freedom and liberty. We, the people, need to have the same courage that our military had 66 years ago today. And we must say, “No, not on our watch, are we going to allow this, right here on Ground Zero.”

I look around and I see the photographs of loved ones lost that appeared in this park when we were here nine years ago. Those families still die a little bit every single day, at the loss of their loved ones. How the hell can we justify more madness right here in our own back yard? I’m telling you now, guys, unless we the people stand up to this insanity, the attacks will continue on all of us. Every American must remember what happened here on this pile not so long ago, and to consider that we have the insane suggestion to build a mosque it is really a mockery on all of you, every one of you.

The attack continues today. and every single one of you must stand up for America and let our political leaders, (what a thought: leaders, these are the leaders we send?) Let’s get them out of here and send the people that actually represent you.

… nearly two thousand of the first responders have succumbed to their illnesses that they were exposed here at Ground Zero. The death toll mounts. I also have to mention my dear son, Michael, who is a serving U.S. Marine, who joined right after 9/11, and how do you think he and his Marines, and our soldiers feel around the world, as we even entertain this madness? Let’s send them a message: No to this mockery, and God bless America every single day.”

If you have even one shred of concern that America is bending over for Islam... go here and read the whole thing. And look at the pictures you find there.

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