Associated Press - Internal Memo to its reporters


They might as well be working for Stalin or Mao. These are the actions of a propaganda corps!


Chief Instructor said...

That was wholly disgusting.

I'm shocked that it wasn't on White House letterhead, or that of the imam.

That letter is the epitome of propaganda and opinion-steering.

GunRights4US said...

Yes... they've abandoned any pretense of being objective. It's all about protecting and elevating Obama!

Nanders said...

I don't have your email address GunRights, so I am trying to contact you this way.

Over at cliffs of insanity you asked about a good adhesive and a hearty plastic material for propaganda purposes.

It reminded me of a post from MVB at sipsey street, he talks about his time as a commie when he would take posters and slather both sides with Pet Milk (available at any grocery store in a can) then stick the paper poster to the wall, building or whatever you need to post your message on. He said that you would literally have to chisel the poster off if you wanted it gone!! He went back to his old stomping grounds years after his commie disease was cured, and his posters were. still. there.!!!

Happy Graffitiing (if that is even a word)


I would post a link to it, but I figure you could find his blogging just as quickly as I would be able to.

GunRights4US said...

Hey Nanders,

Thanks for the reminder. I remember MBV's post about Pet milk as glue. However in a later post he points out that today's modern toner used in most PC printers is washed out by the Pet milk. So that method is reliant upon using print as found in magazines which doesn't used the same ink/toner of your typical printer. email address is in my profile.


Chief Instructor said...

I almost got in an accident today coming home from teaching a class. I was listening to the local ABC affiliate, and they mentioned, "the mosque near ground zero" NOT the Ground Zero Mosque.

Is there no MSM I can listen to without going nuclear? I guess not.