Lots of good sense here !

I read this on I'll Take Liberty, and thoroughly enjoyed her points. (No not THOSE points!)

Here's an excerpt to whet your literary appetite:

Everybody’s afraid of the people in the blue helmets coming someday to take their guns and rape their wives. It’s a rational fear. But what they don’t realize is that something far more powerful than the U.N. has taken hold of their native land. What was once meant to be a treaty between sovereign states is now in charge of every aspect of your life. If it walks like a blue helmet, talks like a blue helmet, and smells like a blue helmet, but instead wears the insignia of the local police, it’s a blue helmet. It’s just covered in black cloth and it’s here to shoot your dog.

The solution to the current problems will not be found at the ‘national’ level. We aren’t all going to rise up at once and take it down. Not going to happen. Rome will just keep playing the barbarians off each other. Yi yi zhi yi. 2010 will be remembered as a year in which the republicans ran the democrats out of the senate and house. If they’re lucky, they’ll retake the White House in 2012. The NRA and their prags will rejoice.

But nothing will change.

Go read it all. It's very insightful and may challenge some of your beliefs.

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