Old Jarhead paints a frightening picture of America's future

Robert A. Hall (aka) Old Jarhead, has written an essay entitled The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. It is lengthy, but I urge you to read it, as well as the links he provides to support his points. Then share it with someone you care about, but who doesn't "get it". This excellent piece, thoughtfully written, comprehensively supported with facts, and nearly devoid of rant and rhetoric, may be just what you need to open some eyes.

Here's just a teaser to whet the appetite:

Each of several challenges facing us is both complex and over-whelming, and we no longer seem to have “the right stuff” to deal with any of them. While we might successfully, though not painlessly, face down each of them individually, their convergence makes the Republic’s survival highly problematic. Americans want the benefits of the good life, but far too many want someone else to pay the costs and make the sacrifices for them to have it. Few are willing to sacrifice their comfort, their cash or their standard of living—never mind their lives—to protect the Republic and the system of political and economic freedom that created the material wealth that is the envy of the planet, far beyond what our grandfathers could have dreamed.

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kdzu said...

I have to believe that we can and will overcome these difficulties, as we have others in the past.

The alternative is to fort up with your kin-folk and like minded friends, if any, on a homestead large enough, remote enough, with enough ammo and will, praying that foreign troops don't get it in their head to go all squirrely.

But make no will be a difficult road and default is the only way to get to the other side.

The end of the world as we know it??

For a while at least. But look what happened to the former Soviet Union.

A default and break up into former Country/States.

As Yoda would say, "dim and hard to see the future is".