Hey NRA! Stop "helping" already!

Is Iowa Lawmaker Kent Sorenson Too Pro-Gun for NRA?
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The NRA is reportedly threatening to campaign against a pro-gun Iowa legislator because he is pushing a bill that is too pro-gun.

Rep. Kent Sorenson is an outspoken gun advocate and one of the leading voices for 2nd Amendment rights in the Iowa legislature. He introduced and pushed for a right-to-carry bill that would have given people the right to carry a gun, concealed or otherwise, without having to obtain a permit. The bill did not pass because of a tie vote. Other compromise bills have also been introduced. Sorenson is against these "watered down" bills, saying they don't provide true gun rights.

The NRA is involved in crafting one of these compromise bills that was introduced last week by two traditionally anti-gun politicians. The bill was written in such a way that moderates could support it, giving it a better chance of passing.

Sorenson came out against the NRA bill. So according to a report on Ammoland.com, a lobbyist working for the NRA went to Sorenson and told him if he didn't support the bill, the NRA would work to get his opponent elected in an upcoming election -- an anti-gun candidate at that.

The NRA has not commented on the accusation.

Over the weekend the Iowa Senate approved a bill that overhauls the system for issuing permits to carry concealed weapons. It requires that sheriffs give a reason if they deny a permit and make such decisions based on consistent state guidelines.


GR4U - This kind of help. we don't need!

Here's a great article that I previously linked to which explains all that's wrong with the NRA. I thought this would be a good post to re-visit it.


Frank said...

In my opinion the NRA is about as useful as a screen door in the side of a submarine. As impotent as a politician who does not know what the truth is. Their opinions makes as much sense as Hitler's opinion on Jewish people. Just my 2 cents worth.

Rad said...

The National Gun Rights Compromise Association can kiss my ass. Yet another full-to-the-gills Shitpot Bureaucracy that only REALLY cares about selling "lifetime memberships." What was the last unconstitutional gun law the NRA successfully repealed- Asshole lawyer apologists!

Diogenes said...

I already dropped my NRA membership so I can't do that. I wish that there were more I could do to put a stop to that machine. They don't represent the people they say the represent. Not one bit.

I agree with Frank. About as useful as a screen door on a Sub.

Chief Instructor said...

LaPierre was just strolling, hand-in-hand with Harry Reid in Nevada over the weekend. Some new shooting park, where Reid identified LaPierre as a supporter.

I'm still a member only because I teach NRA shooting courses. They are not aggressive enough in protecting gun rights. Instead, they like to play politics and compromise.

GOA and SAF get the lion's share of my pro-gun money.

Anonymous said...

Yep, did the same here in Georgia two-years ago with HB89. Didn't help them either. It is also why I only support grass root groups, like Georgia's GeorgiaCarry.Org.

NRA has mad itself irrelevent when they supported the NFA back in 1934,and been caving since.