The Center Mass Myth - Jim Higgenbotham

A lenghty, but very illuminating column. Here's an excerpt:

1. Don’t go to the range without a covering garment – unless of course you always carry your gun exposed (no comment).

2. Don’t practice drawing your gun fast – ever! – while standing still.

Part of the Dynamic Response is to step off the line of attack (or on rare occasions that are dependent on circumstances backwards or forwards) and present the weapon with as much alacrity as you can muster and engage the target with overwhelming and accurate fire! By the way, never assume a fight is completely over just because you canceled one threat. Don’t practice “standing down” too quickly.

“anyone worth shooting once is worth shooting a whole lot!”

Now read the whole thing here.

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Chief Instructor said...

I guess the title was intended to provoke readership. I thought he was going to propose some new, revolutionary thought to shot placement.

What he correctly points out is that you do want to shoot at the center of mass AND keep shooting until the threat is eliminated. I think that's how we were all taught (at least I hope so!).

I liked the example he gave from the tank guy: "Shoot until the tank has changed shape or is on fire!"