They look you right in the face and lie!

If these bastards told me it was daylight, I'd go the window and check!

Biden: US got 'money's worth' from stimulus act

1 hr 51 mins ago

WASHINGTON – Vice President Joe Biden asserted in an interview Wednesday that taxpayers have "gotten their money's worth" out of the $787 billion stimulus program that Congress passed during the depths of the recession.

In an interview broadcast on CBS's "The Early Show," Biden defended the program against accusations by Republicans critics that it hasn't been the job-manufacturing machine the administration promised to the American people.

He argued that money invested in both private and public-sector initiatives has saved as many as 2 million jobs, and said, "I don't think they realize it." Biden said the program, now a year old, was designed to be implemented in two stages, saying "we've only been halfway through the act."


Anonymous said...

if they are only "half way through the act", does that mean they are going to roll me over face down for the second half. I don't understand how people can still have any faith at all in this group of thugs that have hijacked this country.

GunRights4US said...

The people that "still have faith" are the people who're benefiting from the weath re-distribution!

How many million Americans get some form of check from the US Gubmint? These poeple have very little interest is seeing government shrink!

Anonymous said...

just to clarify myself, I have never had any faith in them or the govt