Firearms safety

No one on this planet believes more strongly than I do in the right to keep and bear arms. By the same token, guns aren't toys and they need to be handled with care and diligence at all times!

Guns don't EVER just "go off"! They are mishandled by the foolish and/or the ignorant... sometimes with terrible consequences.

Here're some firearm safety comments written by a man who was shot point blank in the chest by a friend who was just fooling around (and he was left a quadraplegic for life as a result)

#1 When a firearm is cleared everyone in the room checks it not just the handler.

#2 Do not put a magazine in your weapon without alerting others around you. (physically stick your finger in the chamber area and make sure that there is not possibly a round, this is used as a double check. first look then feel.)

#3 Pay attention to barrel awareness, flagging (accidently or purposefully crossing someone with your muzzle) around me will defiantly get someone a "boot camp ass chewing" and possibly shot.

#4 No matter how trained and experienced you are with weapons, you can still screw up. (I find that sometimes people with more experience can be at a higher risk of messing up due to becoming lax with their firearms handling.

#5 Always keep yourself and others around in check about safety, and have them keep you and each other in check as well. (If someone corrects you, listen to them, don't just blow them off and possibly get mad about being corrected, listen to them.)

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