Four easy steps to a government takeover of healthcare

Hat tip to Old Jarhead for this excellent, easy-to-understand summary.

1. Pass a law to require insurance companies to accept everyone, regardless of ‘pre-existing” medical conditions. This will be very popular with the public, especially those of us like my wife and I with chronic diseases.

2. Pass a law allowing the government to control insurance rate increases, then grant very few increases. This will be popular with everyone—who wants to pay more for health insurance? Except, of course, the insurance industry, already operating at a profit margin of only 2%, according to an AP report.

3. The insurance companies, faced with vastly increased expenditures, and little increased revenue, go bankrupt.

4. The public, faced with a loss of insurance coverage, demands the government take over the insurance industry to provide coverage. Health insurance is declared “too big too fail.”

The government now controls health care, one-sixth of our economy, along with a lot of banks and car companies. It can pass laws to protect it’s investment and the legions of new unionized government workers, who contribute and vote for the party that guarantees their incomes.

And there we have it — Socialism in our time.

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Chief Instructor said...

Spot on, regarding the process.

He missed a few industries, though.

Telecom, airlines, energy, pharmaceuticals, retirement management, food production and many others that don't come to mind right now.

On deck: ISP's, print media content, radio content - all "thought related".

Mark Levin noted in yesterday's show that he couldn't think of an industry that wasn't regulated to some extent by the government.

We're all just too stupid to be able to make decisions all by ourselves. Caveat emptor no longer applies, 'cause Nanny's got your back.

Don't worry - the shackles aren't too tight. Yet.