More on the unleashing of INTERPOL in America

Columbia Conservative Examiner Anthony Martin digs digger into this secretive new Executive Order of Obama's that grants INTERPOL full powers within the US. (This should frighten even the most politically jaded among us!) Keep in mind that INTERPOL will be (is?) the enforcement arm of the International Criminal Court. this really where we wish to go as a nation? Do we actually want the U.S. President to be accountable to a foreign criminal court for any military action he/she orders? Do we want our military personnel subjected to the political whims of a court in Europe that views practically any U.S. military action to be 'a crime against humanity?' Do we want the ICC (via INTERPOL) going after U.S. Senators for voting in favor of certain military operations that are designed to thwart Islamic Jihadists?

Be sure to read the whole commentary. Like the White House's capture of the census, this action by the Obongo administration is sweeping in its implications for America, AND as to how quietly it was accomplished. The Lame Stream Media is utterly silent on it!


Anonymous said...

I am just wondering what would happen when one of these UN posers get injured or shoot, or when they shoot or injury an American citizen.

What are going to be the repercussions of such an event. Will Interpol not be held accountable for an American death? Will an American be held accountable for the death - even if perceived to be self-defense?

But to be honest, the whole idea is rotten to the core. It undermines our sovereignty and liberty - which I believe is the goal of this president - and possible the last one as well.

GunRights4US said...

I rather imagine it will be similar to diplomatic immunity. If a holder of a diplomatic passport commits a crime in the host country, the only response the host is allowed to make is demand his deportation. But arrest would be out of the question entirely.

The answer is found in what passport an Interpol agent carrys.

teke175 said...

I would say that an act like this should border on Impeachable purely for directly undermining the U.S. Constitution and the God Given Rights of her citizens.

However when has that ever stopped a politician before.

GunRights4US said...

The constitution has become nothing but a propaganda tool to help provide the illusion of rule by law for the dim witted among us.

But the politicians simply ignore it now. The moment Obongo swore to uphold it, knowing full well he had no intention of doing so, he became a traitor!