More globalist eco-crap

America's broke as hell, but Secretary of State Clinton offers $100 billion per year to help the third world address global warming!

This crap is a pure hoax designed to empower the UN, and rob money from the Western world. It also is designed to hobble the US even further, and our leftist Marxist leaders happily play right along.

As I have long stated: America is being sold out by her own politicians!


idahobob said...

And just where does this crazy bitch think the dollars are going to come from?

Why, out of our pockets, you dumb sheeple!!

Another way to get the global taxation program for the one world gooobermint a goin'. Viva communism!!


Anonymous said...

The ONLY thing liberal politicans love more than spending other people's money - is spending money into a deep deficit.

sofa said...

Americans could use that money right now. Our own money.

Not Bankers (1st world kleptocrats).
Not Banana Republics (3rd World kleptocrats).

It's our money. When will we treat the theft of our money seriously?