Denninger absolutely gets it right here in this piece!

Go here and read this.  Do it if you read nothing else this month.

When I consider that Boston, the cradle of the American Revolution, lately cowered in fear before the ham-handed acts of terrorists who should have been named Abbot and Costello.

When I consider that on the anniversary of the Shot Heard Round The World, the children of the men who fired that shot now crouch and cravenly lick the hand of GOOBERment agents who did thousands of times more damage to Boston than the Chechen bozos did. 

When I consider the in-your-face evidence that the entire US Bill of Rights is now nothing more than propaganda to be taught to school children.

And as Mr. Denninger rightly points out, we are sending the message to the whole world that we are a nation of whimpering children who long for their Nanny.

 … I am deeply saddened. America is dead and gone, and my children and grandchildren have inherited, NOT freedom, but slavery. We The Pansies have ceded our most precious birthright … LIBERTY… for tawdry trinkets of illusory safety! 

Coming to your neighborhood soon…

  Don't forget to say thank you to Nanny

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