All in the name of keeping you safe

As you watch this video, keep in mind that the cops are looking for ONE nineteen year-old who, while certainly dangerous, was no Rambo.

Notice there's no service of warrant.

Notice all the yelling and shouting orders at the residents of the home.

"Get your hands UP!"  "Let's GO!"  "Hurry UP!"

See them as they're frisked on further down the street.

Land of the brave and home of the free, indeed.

This entire mess was a dry run for coming martial law.  If you can't accept that truth, then you're simply a fool.  The empire is tightening its grip and your so-called "Rights" don't mean squat in the new Socialist AmeriKa.

After watching this - I'll take my chances with the terrorists thank you!

And the residents of Boston, the lickspittle little sheeple of Boston, thank the agents of the empire that crushes their very liberty beneath the boot.

Boston, 1775: "Come and take them!"

Boston, 2013: "They can give me a cavity search right now and I'd be perfectly happy."


Chief Instructor said...

What the hell? No outrage. Just compliant sheep.

I was watching the hut-hut squads parading through the streets of Boston on Wednesday, and got sick to my stomach. It was nothing but a show of force, doing nothing whatsoever to help locate the boy.

It's all about acclimating us to view this as normal. "Follow our unconstitutional orders, and no one gets hurt." Yeah.

Cheesy said...

Don't know about the rest of you, but an unknown at the door has me answering .45 in hand and wifey just down the hall with the 12 ga. pump.

You pull that shit on us, you're going to pay for it.