Bambi gets revenge - the deer herd of Henry County strikes back

Well I spent the last weekend of Alabama deer season in a tree stand in Henry County Alabama.  In fact I spent the entire day Saturday sitting in a climber 25 feet up a pine tree overlooking a creek bottom.  I got settled in before daybreak and I didn’t climb down until dark..  I saw a total of five deer, including a small six point chasing a doe.  Just nothing I wanted to hang on my wall – and my freezer is already full.

I started back home Sunday morning and had traveled no more than half a mile before a MONSTER buck ran right out in front of my truck.  If I hadn’t slammed on brakes I’d have hit him!  Whew.  Close call number 1.

Twenty minutes later I spied lots of eyes off the side of the road and I did the prudent thing and slowed down.  Traveling at about 40 mph I passed the largest gathering of deer I’ve ever seen in the wild.  There was at least 25 does standing a tight little cluster immediately beside the road.  I expected them to scatter in all directions – including right in front of me – for some reason not a one of the moved as I passed by, except to swivel theirs heads following my passing.  I even had time to lower my truck window and get an up close look.  Whew.  Close call number 2.

Three’s the charm they say.  About a minute after passing the doe convention on the left side of the road, I heard and felt a loud thud on the passenger side of my truck.  I knew instantly what had to be the cause.  Glancing down into my driver’s side mirror I could see a deer flying thru the air tumbling end over end and crashing down into the ditch along the opposite side of the road.  I pulled over and surveyed the damage.

Dents in the rear passenger door, a shattered topper window, a smashed fender on my 4 wheeler, and the tailgate ramp torn loose from it’s locking pins requiring that I actually tie the trailer tailgate in place in order to drive. 

I walked back the short distance to see about the deer – and he (or she) was gone!  Doubtless the animal dragged itself off to die later.

What a frustrating way to close out the best hunting season I’ve had in a quite awhile!    Oh well.  I’m just glad the animal didn’t come thru my windshield and end up in my lap.  


Sparky said...

Boy, how right you are that you're lucky the deer didn't do any more damage! There are a lot of close calls with deer here too. Glad your season was so fruitful. Now that I've healed from my, hopefully, final neck surgery, I plan to start hunting again. God bless. ~:)

Brock Townsend said...

What a day!