Oh my aching back!

Showing someone my rifle in the parking lot of my employer just now apparently frightened some sheeple in a neighboring business.  They felt it necessary to call the Sheriff’s Department who sent out an officer to investigate.

I would dearly LOVE to confront the person who made the call.  But of course Officer Friendly wouldn’t tell me who it was.

UPDATE:  I later learned that the business in question locked their doors until the cops came and calmed their fears!
Baaaaa   Baaaaa  Baaaaa


GBBL said...

I think I would react by spending a month or so leaving my car with my hands raised in the air to show I'm not holding a weapon. It that what these pants-pee'rs want?

Brock Townsend said...


Anonymous said...

Believe it, brothers and sisters.

My employer, which shall of course remain nameless, has a strict no-weapons, nothing-that-could-be-construed-as-resembling-a-weapon on the premises rule. Or so I'm told. I do not talk about my interest in the shooting sports with my cow-orkers.

I might possibly, hypothetically, sometimes have a rifle or handgun in the trunk of my car, the better to stop off at the indoor range that's on my way home after work and burn up some ammo. Is it visible from outside the vehicle? Oh hell no. Do I speak a word of this to anyone? Oh hell no.

I am 100% sure I'd get the cops called on me and THEN lose my job, such as it is (with the economy this deep in the toilet, no job can be despised, in my opinion)

Anonymous said...

Whadya expect, this is how they skyline you. OMG! GUN! CALL THE POLICE TO SAVE US!!!! Fuck...