Jonah Goldberg asks: What's the rush?

Yes, killing Osama bin Laden is a big secret that would be hard to keep for long. Certainly Pakistan would grow agitated if we simply said nothing about the incursion, though sweating the Janus-faced Pakistanis with silence for a couple of days might yield its own intelligence rewards. In other words, even waiting 24 hours might generate some interesting "chatter." The Pakistanis working with Al Qaeda certainly would have been the first to spread the news that Bin Laden was dead or captured.

But the real treasure trove would be that "college library" of intelligence. And while reports are pouring out from a gloating White House that's leaking like the Titanic in its final hours, one can only assume our analysts have barely begun to exploit the data.

Couldn't they have at least tried to give the CIA a week, a day, even a few more hours to look at it all before letting Ayman Zawahiri and the rest of Al Qaeda know about it? Why give him the slightest head start to go even further underground?

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Who did Obama study when in Pakistan?