Buried in Accordance with Islamic Tradition!!!

I am pleased as punch that Osama Bin Laden has been sent to the great beyond, and with extreme prejudice. However there are a couple of things that irk me.

First of all, Obama Been Lying standing up there and doing his dead level best to take credit for this galls me to no end. That slimy arrogant bastard turns my stomach every time he opens his mouth. Wasn’t this really the legwork of the same intelligence apparatus that Obama once ordered his Attorney General to investigate? Oh but when their efforts produce a potential political bonanza, Obongo is quick to try and commandeer that for his own personal benefit.

The other thing that irks me is the continuing sensitivity to the followers of Islam. Excuse me! The corpse of Obama….er ….Osama was WASHED and handled “according to Islamic custom”? Have we as a nation become so pussified? If Islamic custom was to kiss a corpse’s ass, would US military officers have ordered those Navy SEALS "turn to" if the Poser-In-Chief had so ordered? It sure makes me wonder!

I don’t recall the followers of Allah ever showing the slightest sensitivity to Western customs. Do you remember March 31, 2004 when the Allah-worshippers in Falujah Iraq ambushed four Americans at a bridge. It wasn’t enough to kill them. They mutilated the corpses, burned them, hung them up, and then made photos and videos as they jumped and pranced around like kiddies at an ice cream party!

My memory also contains scenes of a dead American serviceman being dragged thru the streets of Mogadishu Somolia in 1993 by mobs of … yes, that’s right, Allah worshippers; the adherents of that wonderful Religion of Peace!

Okay, I will admit that for a moment my mind entertained the fantasy of feeding OBL’s carcass to some hungry pigs on live television – in front of the site of the WTC. But I am okay with tossing it out into the ocean like so much garbage.

But could we at least refrain from kissing his ass – even if only figuratively?


John Venlet said...

The corpse of Obama….er ….Osama was WASHED and handled “according to Islamic custom”? Have we as a nation become so pussified? If Islamic custom was to kiss a corpse’s ass,...

Josey Wales - "The heck with them fellas. Birds gotta eat, same as the worms."

Shy Wolf said...

Roll the sucker's body in dogshit first, then feed it to the pigs while pissing on it.
Nothing's too good for them, IMO.

Anonymous said...

If it were my decision to make, I'd have had them mail his severed head to the Saudi Royal Family in a box full of bacon and live scorpions. Postage due.

Of course, I never claimed to be anything but an asshole.

Anonymous said...

That's provided of course that he hasn't been dead for nearly the past decade. You're "ass-uming" your lying reps in the Whore House and the rest of Mordor on the Potomac, including the death star, happen to be telling you the truth this one time. I don't buy it and neither should you. But, then again, we already have through theft of our wealth and taxation out the wazoo to pay for all of these misadventures. Think about it. Over a trillion dollars, over four thousand troops killed, tens of thousands maimed for life, civil liberties dead and buried, police state and supporting organs put in place all to kill one feeble old man. And people buy into this shit?!