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I'm sure that by now you've heard the controversy over the rodeo clown appearing in an Obama mask at the Missouri state fair.  How dare anyone actually lampoon a sitting president!  Imagine that!  And worst of all, how dare anyone make fun of our historic first "black" president!  I hear the Fair announcer and the rodeo clown have been banned forever from the Missouri State Fair, and the hand wringing over the evils of racism will go on for days and days.  [gag, puke]

Keep it firmly in mind that there is only ONE thing you need to consider about OWEBongo.  Forget his policies, his ideology, his piss-poor record, his lack of accomplishments, his penchant for stumbling from scandal to scandal, his total incompetence.  Just remember his SKIN COLOR.  That's it.  That's the ONLY thing that matters!

Anyhow… I could rant on all day about this manchurian candidate who rules over us like Napoleon.  Here's a quote I stumbled over that really resonated with me to the point where I almost resonated my coffee all over the screen!

"Comparing Obama with a rodeo clown is a ridiculous assertion. A rodeo clown would have done his best to save those 4 cowboys in Benghazi."

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Randy Townsend said...

The left hung George Bush in effigy - that was free speech. So much for tolerance, right? Forgot, there are two standards...