So many ways to hurt and kill BESIDES using assault weapons

If only we could ban guns and stop all this violence!  But of course guns are the cause right?  Just get rid of the guns and we would all live in a unicorn populated, fairy-fart flavored world of rainbows and butterflies.

Yet there are OTHER ways of killing and hurting people don’t ya know!

Violence using a ukulele

Hammers seem particularly popular for violent crimes these days!

Screwdrivers aren’t just for turning screws

Knives are an old favorite

Ten men with knives attack college dorm.  I bet those kids wished that had an assault rifle with a high capacity magazine

Machetes are very popular murder weapons in Jamaica (which has banned guns since 1974 on pain of an automatic life sentence in prison)

Let’s not forget swords as a weapon

And you thought chainsaws for just for cutting wood!

And spatulas have more uses than flipping eggs

Corkscrews can do more than just open wine bottles

Here’s a good one: death by pickle jar!

Guns are a strict no no in Japan right?  But bowling balls are still legal there!

Well it looks like we’ve got a lot of banning to do if we’re going to stop all this killing.  


Sparky said...

You are so right! Thank you for stating the facts, although, the heathen fairy fart believers will never want to hear the truth. Anything is a weapon and people will always find a way to be bad. Case in point: this is so horrible to even think about but in my birth-family, my 1/2 sister married a Jax cop. He murdered his mother with a hammer! They can't execute that sicko fast enough for me. So banning guns will do nothing to stop violence, in fact, it would make it worse.

Matthew said...

One stops a mad man with a rifle by having the effective tools in hand which in such a case would be...a rifle.

Of course one can use a rifle to stop a knife wielding idiot as well.

Anonymous said...

I personally have an assault tomahawk that I'm deadly with at 40paces.