A few words from the Southern Avenger


Anonymous said...

Well articulated and eye opening.

Lantry said...

I first assumed it would be something about Reconstruction because of the book that was displayed at the start of the video. I was sure wrong. I never thought the current Iraq war was about WMD. That was just the "legal" technicality that they used to justify it. Since Saddam Hussein was paying the families of suicide bombers and was running a training compound for terrorists, I always felt like the real purpose in invading Iraq was to show the world that if they helped terrorists attack us we would go over there and destroy their whole country. It sure scared Khadaffy Duck into playing nice. There were real pro-western movements in Syria and Iran that were encouraged until the liberals made it clear that they weren't going to let Bush forge a pro-western middle east. Of course, now we are helping the same people in Egypt and Syria that we are fighting in Afghanistan. I guess it doesn't really matter to the powers that be who we fight and who we help as long as it can be used to keep dismantling our civil liberties.

Brock Townsend said...

One of my favorites.