What Boortz said

There much that comes out of the mouth of Neal Boortz that I stridently disagree with (abortion, Confederate Flag, gays, Christianity, etc.), but every now and then that guy nails it squarely on the head. Here’s his 4th of July rant, and he calls it – right on the money. Americans love security more than Liberty!

Tomorrow is known as Independence Day, not Dependence Day. This is a day we celebrate the Declaration of Independence … proclaiming our independence from Great Britain and the heavy-handed governance King George was inflicting on the colonies. Now we have durned near half of the voters in this country not only supporting, but celebrating another ruler (his words, not mine) who governs with every bit the heavy handedness of the British King we fought for liberty 236 year ago.

My beef with the 4th of July is that so many of the people who go to such great lengths to celebrate this holiday – perhaps even a majority – are much more tuned in to dependence rather than independence, and security rather than freedom. There’s a reason the word “security” beats “freedom” by a 9:1 margin in presidential speeches.

There more, and it's worth your time to read it. Go here for the rest.

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