The Obama personality cult shows its true flag

Now, in addition to glowing halos about the Dear Leader's head, the Obamanistas have designed an appropriate flag for their movement. I wonder how their new pledge will read.

Edited to add:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Socialist States of AmeriKa, and to The Messiah for which it stands. One World Empire, under Him, indistinguishable from Him, with conformity and oppression for all.

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Toaster 802 said...

Something like this in das muttertounge;

"Ich schwöre bei Allah diesen heiligen Eid, daß ich dem Führer des Nationalsozialismus Amerikan Reiches und Volkes Barack Hussain Obama, dem Oberbefehlshaber der Wehrmacht, unbedingten Gehorsam leisten und als tapferer Soldat bereit sein will, jederzeit für diesen Eid mein Leben einzusetzen."

In English;

"I swear by Allah this sacred oath that to the Leader of the National Socialist American empire and people, Barack Hussain Obama, supreme commander of the armed forces, I shall render unconditional obedience and that as a brave soldier I shall at all times be prepared to give my life for this oath."

Yah, that's about right.

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Obama.