Are guns & ammo the new Gold?

Solid economic principals to be absorbed here (and in pictures for those of us "educated" in government youth camps)

Hat tip to Mr Codrea at The War on Guns for pointing this out!


Matthew said...

I don't know if it's true or not, but back in the ammo shortage of 2008-2009 I was on the hunt for the elusive small pistol primer and got into a conversation with a guy at a store. He claimed his buddy, who "had money" back in 2003 had stockpiled fifty thousand dollars worth of ammo, when the ammo crisis hit he sold all of it in a month and came out.....$200,000.00 ahead.

Given what ammo was going for it may not have been exaggerated. So there is food for thought.

Sparky said...

I know we're stock piling hardware ;) and "gold", especially since the shortage that Matthew mentions. I hope we never have to use any of it in an emergency. We are also planting Victory Gardens. Gotta eat too, you know. Plus the gummit can't tax it when homegrown.