Cop versus Cop

This is unusual to say the least. A Florida Highway Patrol unit pulls a Miami County officer over for speeding, and pulls him from the car at gun point.

The FOP is coming down on the side of the Miami Cop, and FHP is standing by their patrolman.

A cursory read of the various comments trailing these articles reveals that the cops (as expected) are all firmly of the mindset that one cop should cover another cop – no matter what!

Conversely, the typical citizen commenter sees cops as being subject to the same laws they are subject to.

The patrolwoman Donna Watts is taking some fierce fire from her fellow officers it seems. She obviously has more belief in her principals than the typical tax feeding state-pensioner wanna-be.

Kudos for her I say!


Brock Townsend said...

Good find!

Chief Instructor said...

Why you bein' so mean? Come on, he was only going 120 and weaving in and out of traffic. Don't you do that whenever you're late for your side job and expect the Highway Patrol to understand your situation?

Gotta get me one of those patrol cars - maybe flip the lights on now and again...

Shy Wolf said...

Talking about cops sticking together... the recent Superior, WS, BS about a cop stealing from the patrol fund is acquitted and defended by everyone from the chief on down as being 'honest'. How the hell can those pigs expect us to take them seriously when they can't even take themselves serious? Piss on the po-po, they aren't worth defending. None of them, since even those who say they can be trusted can't be trusted to stand against the evil in their own units.

idahobob said...

Now the FOP is the union, right?

So, they are going to defend EVERY unlawful and illegal action that the members of their union takes.

The cop that does her job, stopping a vehicle that is going 120 mph, weaving in and out of traffic, is going to get thrown to the curb just 'cause the perp is a cop.

But, of course!


GunRights4US said...

FOP = Fraternal Order of Po Po / Cop union

Tam said...

Good for her!

Anonymous said...

She's paying the price now.


Brock Townsend said...

That's a retaliatory case.

Miami Police officer Thomas Vokaty may have picked the wrong state trooper to pull over in an apparent retaliatory move in tensions between the two departments.

The trooper, identified as Cpl. Victor Luquis, has a brother Ronald Luquis, a sergeant in Miami Police's internal affairs division.

Luquis made a quick phone call. And pretty quickly, supervisors from both departments were involved. Sources close to the investigation said Luquis notified dispatch and called his brother.

The traffic stop — the trooper was not ticketed or arrested — was one of the latest actions in a back-and-forth feud between the Florida Highway Patrol and Miami police that started last month when Florida Highway Patrol trooper Donna Jane Watts drew her gun, handcuffed, then charged Miami Officer Fausto Lopez with reckless driving on Florida's Turnpike in Broward.

Wayne Conrad said...

That's the same FOP that is supporting Attorney General Holder.