Stocking up taken to a whole new level

My eldest son, his pregnant wife, and his infant daughter moved back into my house a few weeks ago. What can I say - sign of the times!

Having just finished reading Mark Steyn's After America, which includes an in depth look into declining Western birthrates contrasted starkly with rising Islamic and African birthrates, it occurred to me that I'm actually in the process of stocking up on Americans.

Here's the proof!


Brock Townsend said...

Looks cozy to me!:)

idahobob said...


We are also. Five adult married date, thirteen grandchildren.

Thankfully, they ain't living at our home.

What a zoo that would be!


Anonymous said...

You are enabling your son to be a loser. Good job!

GunRights4US said...

Let's see if you can enable yourself to post comments like this and identify yourself at the same time. Only a pussy coward would say shit like this anonymously.

You have NO idea of the circumstances behind this situation. So until you are more informed of the facts I suggest you shut the fuck up!

Sparky said...

Good for you GunRights. You're a good person. We've been helping family too and we're NOT enablers! Times are tough thanks to the Obamanation and the idjits that put him in office. It's just like in the Great Depression when family's stuck together to survive. Folks need help. Being kind is Christianity in action.

God bless to you and your loved ones.

Brock Townsend said...

It's just like in the Great Depression when family's stuck together to survive.

Before there was welfare for life.

Radwan said...

Anonymous, your asshole attitude makes me feel violent. I DEFY you to come back here and ID yourself. I'm sure you won't, worm.

Brass said...

Three generations have lived under one roof for millenia for all manner of reason: social, economic, and otherwise, Anonymous. You are truly an ignorant man who owes GunRights and his son an apology.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! In these times, I get so tired of hearing about how we are not suppose to "enable" our children to be "dependent". What we should be teaching each other, is that we ARE dependent on each other in one form or another. If you raise your children right, they will know when it is time to leave the nest. But they should always know that if things turn sour, they will always have a place to lay their heads. And the same is true that the children should always be there for their parents if things turn sour for them. How sad that some people actually believe that once their children have left the nest, there is no going back. And how sad that so many parents are sitting in old folks homes. It really is sad that we have become a throw away peoples. We throw away our parents. We throw away our children. We throw away our spouses. And ... we throw away our unborn.

Brock Townsend said...

We are definitely going to need more than one family at a location if the things get ugly and three or four would be better depending on size.

GunRights4US said...

Let’s see… fresh out of the service, with a wife and baby, I moved into my parent’s home and stayed there off and on for the next four years while putting myself thru college. That enabled me to become a rich powerful capitalist business executive!

In the short time my son and his wife have lived with me my son and I have improved our relationship that has for many years been severely strained. I have also improved the relationship with my daughter-in-law that also had not been the best in the world. And finally, I am getting Mega-grandbaby time that I wouldn’t trade for anything!

All in all, while it’s required some adjustments by each of us, it has paid some handsome dividends.