And the can tumbles a bit further down the road

They'll get their bill passed. Do you doubt it? Well, I only have time for bullet points this morning.

- No current CONgress can bind the actions (spending) of a future CONgress. So the PROMISES to cut X dollars over Y time is really just equal to BS.

- This is more of the same “Reductions to the rate of increased spending = Spending Cuts” nonsense.

- This bill creates a concentration of power in the form of a “Super Committee” that effectually shuts out the remainder of CONgress, and in so doing greases the skids for future spending increases. All this Kabuki Theatre-style debate slows things down – there’s MONEY to spend By God!

- The Tea Party, let’s face it, has utterly failed. The moment these freshmen CONgressmen and women hit the poison air inside the beltway, they’re instantly transformed into Gollum – no exceptions

- 80% of US T-Bills sold since 2009 have been purchased by … THE FED (with freshly printed fiat currency)

- The Chinese have asked us TWICE in about the last 30 days to stop devaluing our currency (and their assets)

- And when the crash comes, never you fear, because there’s a plan in place whereby the Imperial FEDGov will still be able to operate right on in the face of the “Emergency”: NSPD-51 (Thanks George W. Bush!)

The only question that remains is what are we going to do about it? More of the same?

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kdzu said...

Unfortunately it will take $10 gas, $12 McDonalds quarter pounders and no freaking jobs anywhere for any wage. Even then the dumb-masses will be lulled by pablum from the LSM.
Stock food, water, guns, ammo, junk silver coins, gold if you're able and pay cash for the largest piece of farm land you can afford. Grow a garden, a pig, some chickens and watch dogs.
US citizens are to damn dumb to pick up the can and throw it in the trash.
Welcome to the third world.